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Feet Under My Table – Gifts to Create and Capture Memories

Since we still have a little time from the scurry and flurry of holiday materialism, let’s pause and remember the importance of thoughtfulness and gifts from the heart that might be more appreciated and not break the bank. 

So often we grab the online lists…order with free delivery OR make a frantic rush for the Black Friday specials to make the almighty dollar stretch a bit further. 

Shopping local is always my favorite and gift wrap is often a bonus.  

What if we just thought about each person and what would bring them joy? 

With a few months to think and plan, we have a little more time to gift with originality and purpose. 

This year may you be challenged to flip the script!  

Why not give a gift that either creates or captures memories? 

  1. Memories last forever, things don’t. Material gifts can be fleeting.  

Creating memories are often the best. Experiences don’t have to be budget breakers. Look for things that work for your budget and create new memories for those you are shopping. 

Experiences don’t go out of style.  

You don’t have to travel far or spend lots for experiences and memories to be made. Just be creative in your design of how to spend time with someone that you love.  

Even a scavenger hunt of discovering your town would be fun and memorable. 

Remember that you want an experience that stands out…and hasn’t become a routine or expected. 

Experiences that have never been experienced are the best! 

Keeping what fits into your budget…have you thought about some of these? 

  • Canoeing 
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Monster Truck show 
  • National Parks 
  • Rodeo 
  • Garden events 
  • Swimming lessons or events 
  • Fly fishing 
  • Hot Air Balloon event 
  • Concert tickets 
  • Museum memberships 
  • Zoo visit 
  • Train ride 
  • Hike in a new location 
  • Noah’s Ark tour 
  • Mini golf day 
  • Go-kart drive 
  • Jump Park 
  • Water Park season passes 
  • Amusement Park trip 
  • Movie night hosting 
  • Play tickets 
  • Dinner, hosted or gift card 
  • Coffee, ice cream, or donut shop visit 
  • Night at a B & B 
  • Helicopter or plane rides  
  • Meal deliveries 
  • Picnic in a special location 
  • Town tour with gift cards for stops 
  • Party hosted for the favorite sports fan and friends 
  • Snow skiing trip 
  • Online classes 
  • Cooking classes 
  • Horseback riding lessons 
  • Special trip or vacation to a new location 

If family members or friends have moved to a new location, look for events and activities online that would provide great introduction to the area with wonderful memories. Then, that allows for learning new local places to shop and experience. 

An overnight stay at the zoo was one for grands that was perfect.  

A tour of an ice carving event complete with an ice sculpture for my sister’s front yard in Alaska was gifted. It allowed for surprise and experience in her new community. 

Look for new and different activities that are so much more worthy of buying than adding stuff that may not be used or appreciated as much. 

Local businesses provide LOTS of things that give experience. Take time to seek out those to creatively gift! 

  1. How do you wrap an experience? 

There is something special about unwrapping something on the day of, so feel free to be creative in delivering the surprise.  

Print a picture, certificate, ticket, or small trinket to give a hint that describes the experience. The possibilities are endless! 

My favorite is to create a “Twas the Night Before Christmas” version written about the experience(s) to add to the delivery.  

  1. Create gifts with something that brings memories and is personal and heartfelt. 
  • Photo books 
  • Photo blankets 
  • Online book resources to capture the year for your family for parents and grandparents. 
  • Books that capture a history for the recipient—perhaps years of dance recital photos, sports involvement, etc. 
  • Christmas ornaments created with photos 
  • A framed family recipe photo 
  • A family cookbook  
  • Even a favorite recipe gifted 

Look for creative ways to gift this year.  

Gifting that fits within your budget that will be loved and appreciated. 

Wouldn’t it be the most fun to expand your list to create memories and save them? 

Let the excitement begin! Happy Gifting! 


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