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Bluebird Blessings

Making sure you prioritize your health is key, however, many overlook the relaxation needs of one’s body, or aren’t sure of where to achieve it in the area. Bluebird Blessings provides relaxation on the river, promoting healthy habits and holistic practices.  

“I am incredibly passionate about what I do. This isn’t just a job. It’s truly my calling to help our community members heal,” says Suzanne Glisson, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, IET Practitioner, and owner of Bluebird Blessings.  

Bluebird Blessings provides holistic healing practice, focusing primarily on using massage therapy and energy work to release tension and ease symptoms of various stress-related health issues. Glisson also offers Biomat and Bemer Sessions, Ionic Detox Footbaths, aromatherapy, and singing bowl sound baths. She is also certified in cupping, hot stones, prenatal, and oncology massage. 

“I received my first massage, aromatherapy, and Reiki treatment in 2005. I had entered the practice suffering from stress and migraines. When I left the massage therapist’s office, not only was I feeling better, but I knew in my heart that this is what I was meant to do,” said Glisson.  

This experience was an experience Glisson calls ‘pivotal and influential’ for her, though she was already halfway through a social work and psychology degree at a university.  

“I lacked the confidence to start my own business, so I pushed my inner voice aside and chose to continue on what I considered to be the more realistic and reasonable path,” said Glisson.  

Though years later, in 2019, her granny passed – who was like a second mother to her. One who always reminded Suzanne to count her blessings and would sing Zippa-Dee-Doo-Dah with her.  

“Our favorite part was when the verse got to “…Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder…”. She and Grandad even put up two bluebird nesting boxes, which are still there,” said Glisson. ”I knew I had to honor her memory.” 

That’s when Suzanne decided to do what was always in her heart – what she was truly meant to do. 

“I started classes at a local massage school. In November 2020, after multiple delays due to COVID-19 restrictions, I finally received my license and opened my own practice on the corner of 7th and Washington on the court square in Paducah,” said Glisson. 

In honor of her beloved grandmother, Suzanne fulfilled her dreams and named her business Bluebird Blessings. 

“My Grandad also passed away in 2021, but my dream has come true, now moving and expanding into a space in historic downtown Paducah,” said Glisson.  

In her growth, Suzanne plans to grow her knowledge and the services she offers each year, including CranioSacral, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki and IET for Pets, and Life Coaching. 

“I believe in not only helping others through massage and energy work, but also in empowering my clients by providing them with knowledge and references,” said Glisson. “I love historic downtown Paducah and am so grateful for the gift of getting to practice in such a beautiful area of the city.” 

Suzanne believes that we are not only physical beings, but also spiritual, mental, and emotional beings.  

“If one area is out of balance, it affects the other three. My goal is to help my clients in addressing all four areas through massage, Reiki, IET, and the various tools in my practice so that ultimate healing can take place,” said Glisson.  

Suzanne’s schedule usually stays fully booked up to eight weeks in advance, and is fully booked throughout the end of 2022. Her calendar for 2023 appointments will open on November 1st, though.  

You can catch Suzanne on Facebook and Instagram live bi-weekly, where she announces new specials, contests, and events. Bluebird Blessings website is currently undergoing a large makeover to help future clients and promote wellbeing for the area.  

For more information, contact Suzanne at (270) 559-5203.  


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