Youth Talents – Maycee Watt

Most of us spend our entire lives searching for our one true calling, but Maycee Watt found hers at just three years old. 

Maycee is a nine year old from Benton, Kentucky, that has made a name for herself in the equestrian world. Winning her first show at just four years old, with a trophy that weighed as much as she did, Maycee has paved the way for young riders in her area. 

Maycee’s mother, Kim Watt, first brought Maycee to a horse trainer six years ago. She wanted Maycee to learn to ride so that the mother-daughter duo could do trail riding together. Kim never could have imagined where that first training session would take them. Maycee fell in love with riding the moment she got up on the horse. Amber Darnell, with Darnell Performance Horses, knew right away that Maycee was special. She began training regularly with Maycee. 

Amber decided to use Maycee to show off her horse, Impulsive Tiger or “Tigger”. To showcase how safe Tigger is with children, Amber took a video of little Maycee riding him. Soon, Tigger sold. However, the new owners were not who anyone expected. Maycee’s family decided to buy Tigger for Maycee’s third birthday. This was the beginning of a beautiful new chapter for the Watt family. 

Maycee entered her first competition with Tigger at just four years old.

The nerves were high before that first show, but the minute she got out in the arena she looked like a professional. With each show, Maycee’s confidence grew. She and Tigger began bringing home great achievements. Maycee’s natural talent is undeniable, but it is her dedication that allows her to be so successful. 

Maycee trains no less than three times every week. Her mother describes how focused she is during every lesson. She states, “It has taught her so much respect and discipline. She is very competitive and doesn’t back down from anything.”

In one show, Maycee had to compete in the 18 under group, meaning that she was going against riders much older than herself. At just nine years old, one of the youngest in the group, she took home 4th place.

Maycee’s family is incredibly supportive of her. They travel almost every weekend, managing early mornings and late nights. They wouldn’t trade it for anything. They love watching Maycee doing what she loves most. 

Eventually the family decided to purchase a new horse, Wrap Up the Money, also called “Bentley”. Bentley and Maycee have had huge success together. They have taken Top All Around for Maycee’s division over 25 times. Maycee has won 13 Buckles and has now qualified for the 2022 American Quarter Horse Youth World.

This is a major accomplishment for any rider, but is monumental for her age. 

While Maycee loves the competition, ultimately, she is just having fun with her horse. 

Maycee says that she loves Bentley’s goofy personality and describes how he loves treats and peppermints. 

She would spend all day at the barn if she could. 

Although the shows keep Maycee away from home on the road, Maycee has developed friendships all over the United States. 

Maycee says that she wants to ride all her life. Eventually she wants to become a horse trainer, just like Amber. 

For now, Maycee is excited to represent Western Kentucky at the 2022 American Quarter Horse Youth World. 

Other kids in this industry look up to Maycee. She is an excellent role model to all of us.


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