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My Hero

Dr. Brad Mills’ Free Braces Program

Fourth-grade students from the community’s school systems entered to win scholarships for free braces from Dr. Brad Mills Orthodontics, a value of $5,600 per student. Students wrote essays about the topic “Who is Your Hero” and Dr. Brad Mills and his staff selected seven scholarship winners, one winner from each school, who exhibited strong writing skills, hard work and deep appreciation for their heroes. Members from the VUE Magazine attended the award ceremonies at each school and were so inspired by the stories that we wanted to share them with our readers. We hope you enjoy reading the touching stories from our community’s youth about the individuals they call heroes.

My Hero

I remember my mom watching me open presents on Christmas day… Then she brought me the smallest, thinnest envelope for a surprise.  Inside, were tickets to Broadway’s The Lion King!  I was so exhilarated because The Lion King was my favorite movie!  I think my mom is an amazing person and I want to be just like her when I grow up!  She is my hero because she is really nice to me, she believes in me, and she is always there for me.  My mom is my hero!

One reason my mom is my hero is she is really nice to me.  She is always in a good mood.  For example, when I get home from school, even if she had a horrible day, she still has a smile on her face ready to welcome me home.  Another reason she is really nice is that she trusts me.  She let me shave my hair  even though she knew I might regret it.  She trusted my decision and I like my haircut!  Another reason she is nice is that she will never let me down.  I have seven brothers and sometimes it gets wild around the house…  But, my mom always finds time for me.  As you can see, my mom is the nicest person!

My mom also believes in me.  One way she believes in me is that she supports me.  She takes me to all my after school activities.  She lets me do activities that get me out of the house like acting, singing, and riding my bike.  She also supports me and goes to my academic team events.  My mom encourages me at all my activities as well.  I always get nervous before  auditioning for plays.  My mom believes in me and tells me to do my best.  She understands me more than anyone does!

The last reason my mom is my hero is she is always there for me.  One way is she takes care of me.  One time I was sick over fall break and we were going to Alabama…  But, because my mom knew I was sick, she stayed home with me even though she needed a vacation.   My mom also makes me happy!  Every year for my birthday, in the middle of the night, she sneaks in my room and decorates it with streamers.  My mom also makes me happy because she has never missed one of my plays.  She is always there to support me.

Those are some of the reasons my mom is my hero.  She is really nice to me, she believes in me, and she is always there for me.  I will always remember my mom surprising me with those Broadway tickets!  My mom is a wonderful person who is everyone’s best friend.  My mom is an inspiration for everything I have ever done…  She is my hero!

By | Dagny Page

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