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Feet Under My Table – October Gatherings

October’s spellbinding atmosphere draws us outdoors for some much-needed time to gather before the weather prevents it.  

It beckons friends to gather around tables in the landscape where beauty is painted by autumn’s paintbrush.  

Life giving togetherness is my focus.  

Why not host one of those gatherings for family and friends this month? 

Make it easy. 

Your presence with favorite foods, candlelight, and a bit of autumnal touches is all that’s needed.  

Richly saturated hues, like goldenrod and mustard, added with dinnerware or foliage to complement that table, if you have those, are perfect touches. 

Look at what you have in the fall colors to set the table. Don’t worry if place settings don’t match! It’s a casual gathering so no stress allowed. 

A bit of wooden ware is among my entertaining pieces that just fit with the setting. 

Add in cozy table coverings with fall blankets or even drop cloths that add a warm and welcoming feel. 

Feel free to toss a few throws among the chairs or place the table near the fire pit if a bit of warmth and glow is needed for the temperature changes. 

For seasonal color, snip flowers still blooming from your planters or garden and tuck into tiny jars, vases, or pumpkins for a big impact. Pick up grocery store flowers if your garden has lost its beauty already. Even tiny mums are perfect for the table.  

Candlelight is always welcome. With lit candles or battery operated votives, light on tables always sets an ambiance of warmth and welcome hospitality.  

Whether it’s a nod to the ending of grilling favorites to add to the table…or more of an entrance to comfort foods…make the menu bring cheer and flavor to your guests. 

Add a thermos of your favorite beverage, hot or warm, to keep it the right temperature and free from insects.  

Again, make it easy. Warm, French bread toasted with a rosemary infused honey and bleu cheese toppings will be loved by all.  

A delicious cheese spread added with peppers, crackers, or fruit gives a nod to fall with ease. Easy, make ahead dishes to add spontaneity are needed.  

Even a simple charcuterie of seasonal favorites add ease for you and delight for your guests. 

Simple seating tucked away in unexpected places where folding tables and chairs can be set  add a bit of surprise for guests.  

Allow for lingering, conversation, and hours to embrace time well spent together with great food. 

Memories created for a lifetime. 

That’s what I am about this season. Before the rush of the holidays swoops in to capture our homes and hearts, I’ll be outside gathering. 

Enjoying the moments and the gathering of friends, I’ll be lingering by the firepit and breathing in the smells and beauty of the fall landscape around me.  


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