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VUE Youth Talents – Titus Hines

It is a special thing for a young person to find their talent, but it is truly inspiring for them to use their talent for good. 

Titus Hines is an eleven year old boy that has been playing guitar for four years. While extremely gifted, Titus doesn’t dream of fame or fortune, instead, he uses his gift to worship God and spread goodness in his community.  

Titus’s parents were both born and raised in Paducah. After getting married, the couple prayed and waited for God to tell them when it was time to have a child. It was 17 years of waiting until they were blessed with Titus. Suzanne, Titus’s mom, describes how “he was well worth the wait, he is a very special child.” 

From the time Titus was three, the Hines noticed that Titus was empathetic and in tune with other’s emotions. When a person or animal was in need, Titus turned to prayer. A family friend was injured during the tornado that hit Brookport, Illinois, many years ago. The couple was lifted into the tornado and dropped in a pond. Tragically, the wife lost her life and the husband was hospitalized with doubts that he would ever walk again. Little Titus was dedicated to prayer during that time. Although he had never met the family friend, he prayed for healing and peace. Titus’s prayers were answered, and the man was able to return home, walking. 

As Titus grew up, the Hines wanted him to get involved in something. They presented multiple options and Titus was drawn to the guitar. Titus says, “God gave me the desire to play guitar so that I could worship him.” So at age seven, they started him in weekly lessons with Ben Harwood. Ben is a local worship leader and has become a mentor and dear friend over the years. To this day, they still have their weekly sessions. Titus is a natural with the guitar and has since taught himself how to play the piano. He recently joined the school band and started playing the saxophone. People have heard Titus playing the guitar and mistaken it for the radio. Audiences are blown away when they watch Titus perform. His mother describes how confident he is on stage, “He gets up in front of people and has so much confidence. He never makes a mistake.” This musical gift was surprising to his parents since neither of them play instruments nor read music. Suzanne, however, did serve on the church worship team for 20 years as a singer. Watching his mother use her voice to praise must have had an impact on him.  

Since starting lessons, Titus has had the opportunity to perform as a special guest at his church and, most notably, leads worship on occasion for Celebration Recovery. Celebration Recovery is a drug rehab program that holds services at local churches monthly to connect with God and others struggling with addiction. Titus uses his talent to serve such an amazing cause. This is a testament to Titus’ caring and compassionate nature. 

Last year, a close friend at their old church was diagnosed with cancer. His name was Brother Epple and he was 92 years old. Brother Epple adored Titus and they had a tight bond. When he received the news, Titus was so devastated he could barely stand. Despite his hurting, Titus held himself together to visit Brother Epple in his final days. His first thought was to bring his guitar to play for his friend. Titus was asked to be a pallbearer and still wears Brother Epple’s cowboy boots that were left to him.  

Titus is a special boy with a huge heart. His family describes him as a “prayer warrior”. Titus is devoted to his faith and almost entirely plays worship music. His primary musical influences are his instructor, Ben Harwood, Steven Curtis Chapman, Zach Williams, Anne Wilson, and Paducah native, Haleigh Martin.  

Music isn’t Titus’s only gift. He is extremely academically accomplished. Titus is on the academic team at Lone Oak Middle School. He was also on the academic team at his elementary school, where 80 kids tried out and only 10 made it. At the academic regional meet, competing against five schools, Titus brought home two individual awards and two team awards. Titus also shares a passion for classic cars with his dad. They love Fords and Titus is particularly into Mustangs. They attend car shows as a family and Titus spends a lot of time in the garage fixing up his dad’s hot rod.  

Titus is a talented and bright young man. While his family can see him going far with his music career, Titus is focused on using his talents for good in his community.


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