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The Masthays

Tim: Owner, Wolverine Capital & Football/Soccer Coach  
Amanda: Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor (barre Paducah & The GYM)  
Emory: Age 10 – 5th grade  
Paxton: Age 8 – 2nd grade  
Darcy: Age 6 – 1st grade 

Tell us how you and your spouse met and how long you have been married. 

We met on the first day of our sophomore year at the University of Kentucky in (hold for excitement) accounting class. We had a mutual friend in the class and sat on either side of her, quickly formed a study group, and became great friends. We began dating at the end of our junior year in college, got married right after graduation in 2009, and have been married for over 13 years. 

Tell us about where each of you grew up and how you landed in the region. 

Amanda grew up in Berea, Kentucky, (about 40 minutes south of Lexington). Tim’s father is a college chemistry professor, so his family moved a few times during his childhood. Tim was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, moved at the age of two to Des Moines, Iowa, then lived in Murray, Kentucky, from age 9-18. Tim always loved the atmosphere of Western Kentucky and grew up competing in sports against Paducah schools. Shortly after we got married, we moved to Green Bay, Wisconsin, where Tim played for the Packers for seven years. After retirement from the NFL, we lived in Lexington for a few years. During summer break of 2021, we visited Paducah on a weekend and really fell in love with the town. At the very end of that summer, we decided to move here! 

What is your favorite holiday? 

Our entire family loves Christmas. From the lights to family get-togethers, to the unique church celebrations and music, Christmas has such a beautiful and important feeling. We love it! 

What is your favorite thing about the region? 

Our family loves being outside. With Land Between the Lakes so close, this area has some great hiking, which we take advantage of as often as possible. As sports enthusiasts, we love all the competitive opportunities our kids have in this part of Kentucky. The kids have been able to try a little bit of everything here. 

How do you spend your summer breaks? 

With three kids, our summers seem almost as busy as the school year. There is lots of swimming, baseball, soccer, and tennis! We love to get outside and go on hiking adventures around the state, visit family, and hopefully take a trip away together. 

What does your spouse do to make you feel special? 

Amanda: Tim has a really great ability to remember the little things. It might seem trivial, but I love drinking sparkling water, and Tim always makes sure I am stocked up for the week without me saying anything at all. With as many big responsibilities as he navigates on a daily basis, he never forgets those little touches.  

Tim: Amanda is consistently the most encouraging and cheerful person. Her ability to keep a positive attitude makes, not just me, but everyone, feel good. Her upbeat and positive manner, no matter the situation, is an asset to our family. 

How do you manage work and family time? 

One reason we chose the professions we did after the NFL was that we are able to largely be in control of our schedules. Amanda stayed exclusively at home during Tim’s playing days to be available for anything family-related. These days, if the kids need one of us to be somewhere, we can make it happen! 

Does your family have a motto? If so, what is it? 

It might not be a normal motto, but something we all can agree on is that “Go, Pack, Go!” will never lead you astray! 

What are the core values of your family? 

We hope to always live in a way that reflects our love for God, which also translates into a kindness and respect for other people. We value getting fun, quality movement and nutrition as often as we can, as well as working to the best of our ability at whatever we do. As parents, we also want to show our kids how important it is to be involved and engage with our community. 

Do you have any family traditions? 

Tim’s side of the family always made homemade donuts around the holidays. His mother would make the best Christmas morning donuts, and we hope to carry on this tradition for many years. Amanda’s side of the family always made a big deal about birthdays. We usually have a birthday theme, dress up in costumes or themed-shirts, and make the day unique and special! 

What brings you the greatest joy as a parent? 

As our kids have gotten older, it has been nothing short of magical to see each one of them find their “thing”. The joy we’ve been able to see our kids experience through Emory’s swimming and academic team, Paxton’s baseball and karate, and Darcy’s singing and soccer is awesome. Watching them work hard, overcome adversity, and find something they truly enjoy is priceless. 

Tell us something interesting about your family. 

We obviously love the Packers, but the craziest fan side of all of us comes out when our favorite English Premiere League soccer team takes the field. We are crazy for Tottenham Hotspur! 

Do you have nicknames for your kids? 

Emory: Em or The Best of Us All (Emory is naturally so responsible, kind, and hard-working. We joke that she is even more responsible than the adults in our family!).  

Paxton: Pax or Mr. Cool (Paxton just oozes confidence. There are few challenges he won’t tackle or roundhouse kick head on!).  

Darcy: Darce or Darcy Danger (If you meet Darcy, you’ll see that she is everything you’d expect of a 3rd child to be, and this nickname – coined by Tim’s dad – makes perfect sense haha).  

Questions for the kids: What’s your favorite thing to do as a family? 

Darcy: I like cuddling with Mommy and Daddy!  

Paxton: I like to go walk around at Patti’s in the lights and playing catch with my dad!  

Emory: I love to make and decorate cookies! 


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